Satin Lined Ankara Cyra Bonnet
Satin Lined Ankara Cyra Bonnet
Satin Lined Ankara Cyra Bonnet
Satin Lined Ankara Cyra Bonnet
Satin Lined Ankara Cyra Bonnet

Satin Lined Ankara Cyra Bonnet

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Protect your curls with our gorgeous satin lined Ankara Bonnet in the color “Cyra.”

All the bonnets have the same size stretchy band.

The small and medium size is perfect for TWAs, twist outs, or if you have a small to medium amount of hair.

The toddler size is perfect for your little ones! The model wearing the toddler size is 21 months. The toddler bonnet can fit kids 1-3 years old. 

The Large size is perfect for braids, big weaves or crotchet styles, or if you simply have lots of hair.

Made with 100% African Cotton Print on the outside and lined with 100% Satin fabric.

Why You Should Be Sleeping With A Satin Lined Bonnet

Satin is a smooth surface for your hair to rub against, unlike cotton. Most people sleep on cotton sheets, on cotton pillows covered with cotton pillowcases. While yes cotton is comfortable, your hair doesn't like it so much. While you toss and turn all night your hair is rubbing against cotton, causing split ends and frizziness and breakage.

Because satin is a smooth surface, your hair glides with very little friction, which in turn can significantly reduce damage. 

Because satin is a low friction fabric for your hair to glide on at night, it can also help reduce frizziness and maintain hair styles overnight. 

Keep Your Tresses Moisturized

Satin is a non absorbent fabric. Sleeping on cotton is known to dry out your hair. Sleeping with a satin lined bonnet keeps your oils and conditioners on your hair and off your pillow. 

Reduce Frizziness and Maintain Styles

Because satin is a low friction fabric and it helps keep moisture on your hair, this can lead to reduced frizziness and can help maintain styles overnight such as twistouts or even straightened hair overnight!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

This bonnet made my curls look their very best! I cannot recommend this enough! I woke up to frizz-free, untangled, soft curls!

So so beautiful and great quality.

The elastic is something to get used to, but my hair is thanking me for it.

Great product and Great service

They delivered my package just in time for the holidays and my girlfriend seems to love it and how soft it is!!


I do not have textured hair, I am a white woman who curls my hair from time to time and let me tell you! These satin lined bonnets keep my curls beautiful for days! I purchased two and sometimes will wear it when I don’t have my satin pillowcase. I also purchased two scrunches! They are perfect. I had an issue with my order being lost in the mail and this company handled it wonderfully thank you so much. Highly recommend.

Beautifully crafted

This bonnet is beautiful! You can tell a lot of hard work has been put into crafting it.