Your Stuck at Home, The Salon Is Closed, What Now?

We are living in strange times. I am sure when this year started, none of us thought that some business that are essential to us would no longer be considered essential by the government. Public safety is important, so closing down salons and beauty supply stores is understandable in a pandemic, but it leaves one question unanswered, what am I going to do with my hair??

Since we are all at home, and don't have much to do or anywhere to go, maybe now is the time to finally learn more about taking care of natural hair, especially skills such as braiding, twisting and crotchet styles.

I personally learned how to braid my hair via YouTube. At the tender age of 14, I dove deep into the natural hair care section in YouTube, and I have learned many skills that have saved me lots of money and time. So today, I would like to share with you my favorite YouTube channels that have given me knowledge, and community. It is a lonely time right now, with many of us being stuck at home. So, I hope these recommendations will give you some inspiration, and help you feel a little less alone. 


1. NappyFu TV

NappyFu's channel is real, honest, and funny. I have type 4 hair and in the beginnings of the natural hair culture on YouTube, there was not much content directed towards people with my kind of hair. NappyFu's channel literally saved me. I have learned so many things from how to properly wash, condition and dry my type of hair. Ladies and gentlemen with kinky hair types, I highly recommend this channel!

2. Breanna Rutter

Brianna Rutter taught me how to braid. I don't consider myself an expert, in fact, far from it. But Brianna's YouTube video's taught me basics like how to do box braids, cornrows (I am still working on this one..) and twists. If you would like to learn a new skill while at home, I highly recommend Brianna Rutter's channel, she has HUNDREDS of videos on how to braid any style imaginable.

3. Chizi Duru

Chizi Duru taught me that it is okay to fail. She has documented her highs and lows in both life and her natural hair journey. She is real, and honest about what works, and what doesn't work, especially for kinky hair types. 

I know that these are a few recommendations, but they are my absolute favorite channels when it comes to knowledge about haircare. I hope that these recommendations will help you get started on learning a the skill of caring for your own hair. There are so many YouTube Channels for EVERY hair type. I hope that you find your "tribe" and learn new things!

With Love,


CEO of Imani Beauty Boutique


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